Beauty and the Blog

I’ve seen the new, live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast three times and I loved every second of it! Maybe it’s the child in me, but watching it play out with real people was amazing. I almost cried when I realized that Stanley Tucci (a.k.a. one of my favorite actors) was in it. Emma Watson, though her singing wasn’t the best, still did an amazing job at bringing a classic Disney princess to life.


One extremely honorable mention needs to go to Luke Evans. His portrayal of Gaston was practically perfect. Honestly, I might even say that I’m team Gaston after watching him in the tavern scene. Watching his great singing (I’m talking about that “roughly the size of a barge” line specifically) as he lifted two people in the air gave me chills. I definitely would have joined the group of silly girls if he wasn’t so willing to commit murder. So, like many people, I’m going to have to stay on team Beast. Dan Stevens really got me, and everyone else too apparently, with that growl at the end anyways.

Now, with all of that fangirling out of the way, I can focus on the Broadway aspects of this movie that amazed me. Most important of all was the wonderful actress, Audra McDonald. McDonald’s vocal talent amazes me every time and she perfectly pulled off the diva role. I also appreciated Josh Groban’s “Evermore” appearance on the soundtrack, though Dan Stevens did a wonderful job on that as well. Groban’s smooth voice brought about a lovely rendition of “Evermore” and, though it wasn’t as emotional as Dan Stevens’ version, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

If you listened carefully, a fun Broadway appearance that wasn’t a person was the inclusion of the melody of the song “Home” from the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast. I admit to tearing up a little bit the first time (and the second and the third) I noticed it.

Finally, Josh Gad, and his portrayal of Le Fou, was perfect. I was a little bit surprised that Disney had recast him even though he had played one of their most famous characters, Olaf the Snowman, in Frozen. However, that did not lessen his talent and incredible acting. The tavern scene was obviously my favorite as Gad made it even more entertaining with his comedic movements and phrases. Gad’s character arc for Le Fou was beautiful as we watched him realize who Gaston truly was.

tavern scene

Overall, I give the movie an A-. I think that Disney did a wonderful casting job and the amount of Broadway that they kept in it had my heart soaring.

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